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This website shows a collection of pattern and allover designs created by Monika Rohner also known as Mone. Monika Rohner is a Switzerland based Art Director, Motion Designer and Illustrator. Her portfolio is presented on Most of the designs presented on are handmade and personal projects.
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About Superpack

Superpack is a place where I like to showcase my growing collection of patterns and allover designs which I like to create besides commercial work. I’m fascinated by the repetitive complexity of patterns and how they are created.

Most designs presented on this page are personal projects created just for fun, some of them made it into print.

If you wish, have a look at the rest of my illustration and animation work on

And if you feel like asking a question, sharing a comment or collaborating on a project, please say hello via email, LinkedIn, Behance and Vimeo or follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

Thanks for dropping by, Mone